Effectively communicate with travel agents and customers with cloud phone systems

The travel industry is continually changing and becoming competitive every day. Now, grow and evolve your business with flexible and reliable VoIP phone systems for travel and tourism agencies.

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RoRotel can effectively route the volume of incoming and outgoing calls to your travel agency. Here are some reasons why travel agencies should switch to RoRotel


Simplify operations and communication

Employees in the travel agencies spend most of their time on the phone calling their partners like hotels, cruise airlines, taxi services, restaurants, and various other vendors to make reservations for their traveling clients. RoRotel cut this hassel and enable travel agents and
clients to communicate more flexibly and seamlessly without incurring long distance charges.


Keeping clients engaged and informed

A hosted VoIP telephone system can queue calls until one of your travel agents is available to take the call. When waiting in the queue, you can keep these callers informed and entertained of your latest deals, promos, or even music.


Provide best travel experience for customers

Travelers often inquire about attractions, accommodations, and amenities of various destinations. They ask about travel costs, airfare, and tour packages to book a reservation. Travel agencies can build meaningful customer relationships by integrating a phone system
with CRM; travel agents can keep notes on each client and help them find the best travel destinations.


Enhance your Marketing Campaigns

VoIP-enabled call management systems and features such as call analytics and call monitoring can help travel agencies expand their marketing campaigns. By making use of call records,
travel agencies can assess their sales and revenue, or even use this data set to create strategic marketing campaigns.


By harnessing the power of VoIP phone systems, your travel agencies can handle large volumes of calls and deliver accurate and timely information

Real-time updates

Travel agents can provide real-time updates to callers and receive immediate changes on schedules or reservations to ensure a hassle-free vacation. You can also use our video conferencing feature to improve customer engagement.

International Calling

Through VoIP systems, you can make international calls at affordable per-minute rates. This way, you don't need to worry about long-distance charges. Travel agents can make international calls to book hotels, airlines, cruises, car rentals, and more, and RoRotel keeps a tab on your bills. At the same time, you take care of your client's needs.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Reduce your maintenance costs by using RoRotel because our phone systems can eliminate the need to set up new devices or replace the current equipment. Using the local and wide area
network, we can eliminate the need to get a separate system for the data and phones.

RoRotel offers tons of features for your agents and transforms your travel business

Collaboration tools

Flexible collaboration options boost communication between employees and clients and increase coordination from the sales desk to the loading dock.

Location management

With a centralized reception desk, clients and partners can reach your business and be connected with your staff no matter where they are located.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Depending on the business needs and requirements, custom rules can be created to direct your callers to the right department no matter where they are located.


With Auto Attendants, you can answer calls after business hours too. It also leaves a message to the assigned employee that can listen when he or she comes back to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to set up a separate office to manage all client calls?

No. As VoIP operates using an IP network, it helps to cut costs by eliminating the need for physical floor space and other infrastructure that is typically associated with a travel agency.

Will my data be stored safely and securely?

Choosing a hosted VoIP phone system will help travel agencies manage and secure all relevant information in the cloud. In this way, travel agents can easily store and access crucial information, to provide more personalized service to clients.


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