Time to Make your Business Future-ready! BT to Switch off PSTN & ISDN by 2025

BT to Switch off PSTN & ISDN by 2025

In 2015 BT brought about a new wave of change in the telecom industry by announcing the end of all public switch phone networks (PSTN)  & Integrated service digital network (ISDN) networks by 2025. It’s official now, as the phasing out of these networks has started in 2020.

Now it is the time for UK business to make itself future-ready. This development is going usher a new way towards cutting-edge technology which is fast and cost-effective; putting an end to analog phone lines.

This major shift has been steered and supported by nationwide telecom operators. The decision is a combined result of fear and attraction- fear of the rising cost of the PSTN networks and on the other hand attraction to the network simplification and cost-effectiveness of the all-VoIP services.

Over 2.4 million businesses in the UK will take the hit of this change. So if your business is currently operating on ISDN / PSTN then it’s time for the big change which everyone is talking about. Most of the network operators (including BT) have apprehended and asserted that VoIP is the future of communication.

Why & How Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the Future Ahead:


When we say ‘big change’, we generally assume that the effort for the change is big. But with VoIP, the shift in technology needs minimal effort but it’s the outcome that brings the real big change with improved productivity. With this pandemic around, most businesses and organisations had moved to the home space from the traditional office space.

This situation pushed both employees and employers to adapt to remote working as swiftly as possible without interrupting the business. Most companies were and are still able to run their business due to the presence of VoIP in the market.

Almost 40% of the UK market considered VoIP as a de facto solution for this digital age communication and already decided that shifting to VoIP service is the best solution to be future-ready.

With the help of this new-edge cloud commute technology, the BT can merge all services like voice and video data, images, and also broadcasting under one network. It offers a completely new way of working which is more efficient, cost-effective, flexible, and time-saving.

The employees are able to work more collaboratively and efficiently with real-time integration in various communication channels e.g. video conferencing with multiple attendees, desktop sharing with different people at a time, calling extensions, and number mobility. With VoIP as an integral communication setup, your business can be “always-on” and “always-connected”.

Business Value that VoIP is Going to Bring


  • Foremost thing that will come up with the introduction of VoIP is significant cost saving.


  • Increased productivity and collaboration in both ways i.e. for internal and external customers. As per researchers, agile companies are expected to gain 1.7x more productivity and 1.5x more profit.


  • With VoIP, employees can access new ways of communication tools which ultimately enhances the mobility and flexibility throughout the communication channels and thus improved customer experience with your business.


  • VoIP service is easily scalable and flexible as per your business needs. An Internet-based phone system is not bound to any location or any user limit; thus allowing your business to grow and adapt globally.


  • With everything under one network VoIP offers simplified security measures and with almost zero system failures if the internet connection is working fine. And the continuous updates will help to keep up with the changing market needs.


  • Availability of advanced features and integrated applications with more control & analytics helps widen the scope of the business.


  • No more hassle or additional cost for legacy equipment/system and its support services.


If you are still waiting to implement this Big- Change: Now is the right time to Switch


As mentioned earlier the switch-off process PSTN and ISDN in the UK had begun in 2020. So now is the right time for every business to develop a plan based on the company size, field, and domain your business deals with. It is quite risky and challenging to make the switch to VoIP later when mass demand for the switch will be higher.

Immediate forethought and devising is the need of an hour, as this will greatly enhance the possibility of success in the long-term, and help avoid being held back in 2025 when a new age of communications is ushered in.

With the right VoIP service provider, it is a really easy task to integrate this new communication tech into the existing infrastructure. The right partner can guide your business with minimal and necessary changes to your infrastructure/system with maximum communication expansion. They will ensure the best course of action to make your business future-ready.


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