Making Communications Nothing but a Feasibility!

RoRotel, by stepping up each day, ensures that the communications for your solicitors’ business is as feasible as possible. Once connected, we will make sure that our VoIP telephone systems for solicitors’ help bring efficiency and convert your business into a profitable one.

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Preparing the Law for Modern Demands!


Highest Levels of Compliance and Security

RoRotel cloud phone systems for solicitor business ensure that the communications are highly secured through high-end security measures and compliances. Rest assured of communicating through phones that are compliant of PCI, FIPS, FISMA and HIPAA requirements.


Engagement Oozing Ecosystem

The competence to seamlessly integrate communications into record systems simply means that your team gets to use only one interface for professional needs. This way, every relevant information will be available within a few clicks.


Simple & Straightforward

Unless the jargons used in your business, our VoIP telephone systems are extremely easy and quick to implement. Not just you but your entire business can be benefitted from effective and modernized call handling facilities

Bringing Your Customers and Clients Together!

A Unified Communication Solution

Our solutions are extremely unified, protected and compliant enough to keep your team connected and reachable. Specifically built for your solicitor office, our resilient solutions are nothing but the best.

Competitive, Qualitative Services

In the increasingly developed digital world, competitiveness is the key to success. And, RoRotel makes sure that we don’t lag when it comes to providing advanced yet beneficial communication services.

Make Communications, Not Excuses

Neither your clients would have to wait for prolonged hours to reach out to you, nor you’d have to delay any meeting ever again. Stay focused, and make better communications.

Features for Your Ease!


An Option for Call Conferencing

With our 3-way conference calls, allow quick, easy connection to all the managers and essential people of the company, across several locations. This effectively decreases the time and cost.


Voice to the Email

Listening to voicemails has become an obsolete activity. With this feature by RoRotel, you can get a voicemail converted into an email attachment.


Keep Updated with Customized Messages

Not in the office? Don’t worry! You can always keep your clients informed. Create a customized closing message to play every time a call goes into the voicemail.


Monitor Live Calls

Managers get a chance to keep an eye on live calls. This notable feature makes it easier to track and monitor the progress of your interns.


Frequently Asked Questions

My business is confidential, how do you assure security?

We understand the confidentiality that is involved in a legal business. Thus, to make sure that we don’t mess up, our services are compliant with rules and regulations, such as PCI, FIPS, FISMA and HIPAA.

How many calls are we allowed to make at a time?

With our VoIP telephone communication services, we offer unlimited calls. This means, it is up to the device that you are using or the queries and calls that you are getting. With our services, you can even get a 3-way conference call system.

Are there going to be any limitations?

No, there are not going to be any practical restrictions on our communication services. You can dial as many phone numbers, make as many calls, or contact as many users as you wish to.

Will we lose anything if we switch to VoIP?

Not at all! Instead, you will be able to access additional features provided by RoRotel. Thus, this one is a real deal that you can get.


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