21st Century VOIP Telephone System for Small Business

The All-in-One Cloud-hosted VOIP telephone system that allows you to save 60% over the traditional telephone system. So you focus on growing your business instead worrying about your next telephone bill.

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Small Business Solutions


Powerful and feature-rich solution

Enterprise-grade features and reliability, but without an enterprise price tag. Call queues, automated attendants and more.


Take full control over the Phone system

Manage every aspect of your business telephone system and say goodbye to expensive maintenance and contracts.


Work from anywhere

Working from home? So your office phone can; all you need is an internet-enabled device like your mobile, iPad or laptop, and voila! You can answer all your office calls from home.


Unbeatable Customer Service

Get priority customer support with RoRotel; our rockstar customer service team answers your call in less than 90 seconds.


One platform does it all

Flexible phone options

Be it a desk phone, a softphone on your mobile app, we got you covered. RoRotel keeps your connection with your customers and team to your office phone number no matter the device you want to use.

Choose your Number

With RoRotel’s VOIP Phone system, you get DID (Direct inward dialing) ready numbers. You can either port your existing phone number or select a new phone number for almost anywhere in the United Kingdom

Advanced Voicemail

Never let your voicemail fall through the cracks again, get your voicemail delivered straight to your email inbox.

Call Queues

Place calls in queues so that every customer call gets answered. Moreover, you can enhance their experience with music tunes or custom messages while they wait in the queue.

High call quality

RoRotel provides reliable and high-quality voice service over the internet. Combine our business telephone and broadband solution to experience high-definition voice quality on your phone.

Seamless Call Control

With features like call hold, automated call transfer and conditional routing, etc. take complete control over your call flow and volume.

Completely Scalable

RoRotel is flexible and scalable, so whether you wish to add one or a thousand users, Rorotel grows with your business.


Start Growing your Business with RoRotel

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rorotel cost cheaper than the traditional telephone system?

Traditional phone systems require you to make a huge upfront investment for equipment and installation. As Rorotel is a cloud-based solution, you only need an IP phone as a hardware cost and offer monthly pay-as-you-go subscription. We estimate that Rorotel saves you 60% as compared to the traditional phone system over the two years.

What integrations are available with Rorotel?

Rorotel is a next-gen business telephone system, and it can be integrated with your billing or CRM. So we offer custom integrations with the software of your choice at no to little integration fee.

How much does the VOIP Telephone system cost?

Cloud-based VOIP telephone system works on a pay-as-you-go monthly or yearly subscription, which is cash flow friendly and doesn’t require an upfront payment. Pricing for Rorotel’s business telephone system starts from £11 per month, which is suitable for small to medium businesses.

How to choose the VOIP Telephone system for small businesses?

These days, there are a lot of telephone services available in the market, but most of them are not flexible and customizable for the needs of small businesses. As a result, the small business ends up paying more for enterprise-level features that they don’t need. Here is our guide to help you choose the best telephone system for your business


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