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RoRotel's Office Phone Solutions Benefits


Ease of Installation

One of the biggest reasons for cloud telephony solutions is that they are simple to install. This means that you don't have to worry if you're short on space, and you'll be able to get your telephones up and to run faster than you would if you'd chosen a traditional system.



Choosing a cloud telephone service doesn't mean that you're stuck with limited access to phones as your business grows. In fact, VoIP phone systems are scalable and can be ideal for your office. This way, you can increase capacity gradually and manage your costs effectively.


Simple to Maintain

Cloud telephones are easy to maintain. As there won't be much physical equipment in your office, so there's less to go wrong. Therefore, you don't need to spend as much on IT expert fees and replacement equipment as you would with a traditional system.



When your business relies on calls, instant messaging, voicemail, and conferencing, secure and reliable phone service is critical. Choosing the right cloud phone solution will never let you miss any of your important calls and you can communicate with confidence.


Integrate your office with VoIP Phone Systems

RoRotel’s robust cloud phone solutions ensure that you have the most flexible and reliable telephone system for your small or big offices. Here are some of the key reasons

Increased Team Output

RoRotel’s PBX system enables easy and flexible communication between the employees and can keep them collaborating in an instant. This way, they can solve all customer problems faster and improve your business reputation.

Improved Employee and Customer Experience

RoRotel’s office phone solutions can provide better and quicker communication experiences for your customers and reduce their wait time. This will delight your employees and even reduce turnover in your organization.

Reduced Costs

With robust equipment and flexibility, you can move your office expenses from traditional phone systems to the cloud. This can help you save up to 60% of your annual costs

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if our office loses power or internet connection?

Because RoRotel phones are cloud-based, it's not dependent on your power or internet connection to continue receiving calls. You can use your mobile phone as one of your forwarding numbers, so even if you are not on the office premise, your staff can still make and receive calls.

Can I set up my office extensions?

You can easily set up user extensions to connect your employees under one main number, deliver business messages, and more. You can also configure each extension with a wide range of calling, screening, and routing options.

Do I need equipment or a router in my office to make it work?

No. There are no additional telephone lines, hardware, or installation needed. OVO's cloud phones will work with any high-speed, stable internet connection.

How many lines can I purchase for my office?

You can add as many phone lines or users as you need for your office. OVO provides a number of affordable packages to choose from, and additional lines can also be purchased at any time.


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