Modern Phone System for Enterprise Business

Get enterprise mobility and reliability with the All-in-One cloud-hosted VOIP telephone system

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Enterprise Business Solutions


Flexible Communication Platform

Unlike communication platforms like skype, Microsoft teams, etc. RoRotel is designed for enterprise employees who are always on the move. They get to work just like their desktop-bound peers.

They can make or receive office calls on their mobile device using their office number.  Our Remote office system can keep them connected when your employees are away from office desk phones.


Enterprise Mobility

Unlike communication platforms like skype, Microsoft teams, etc. RoRotel is designed for enterprise employees who are always on the move. They get to work just like their desktop-bound peers.


Collaborate Like never before

Conference Bridge from RoRotel is a perfect feature for enterprise businesses having multiple offices in the UK. Employees can now hold internal Conferences, also conference with Customers or Partners.

You can use UK Local and Global phone numbers with Conference Bridge. This way customers and employees abroad can participate in the conference free up to 7 Participants      

Next-Level Enterprise Telephone Features to Drive your Business Forward

Mobile Application

Get an extension on your mobile phone, Make and receive calls from your landline number through mobile phone with our mobile app.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated voice assistant that can interact with callers and distribute the calls to the right recipient based on the response from the caller.

Call Recording

Record all the calls automatically or on-demand and Store them for a limited time with us, or you can choose to store it on your servers.

Dynamic call routing

Dynamic Call Routing connects every phone call to the right person at the right time, based on your defined factors like time of day, day of the week, caller interest, caller location, and many more.

Experience the Modern Phone System

Integrate Better

You can integrate RoRotel with all the leading CRMs so that your employees are informed before making or receiving the call.

Security and Compliance

Get enterprise mobility and freedom on a bank-grade secure network ensuring compliance whether you are in the office or working remotely.

Connect Better

Connect dispersed on-premise or cloud-hosted phone systems to unify capabilities and organized call flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide training to employees?

Yes, RoRotel conducts on-premise or one-to-one remote training to help you get started rapidly and get most out of our all-in-one communication platform.

How Reliable is RoRotel’s platform?

We provide 99.99% uptime and each data center with equipped to give your uninterrupted service 24/7.

How much time does it take to deploy the services?

We get you started within 24 hours from your order date. We recommend that you start with a single team, location, or BU. And once you are ready, we can onboard more people so that you can stay in control and mitigate risk associated with the change in core technologies.

Do I need to change the Phone number?

No, RoRotel sits on the top of your existing technology and equipment; therefore, you don’t need to change the phone numbers.

How does RoRotel cost cheaper than the traditional telephone system?

Traditional phone systems require you to make a huge upfront investment for equipment and installation. As RoRotel is a cloud-based solution, you only need an IP phone as a hardware cost and offer a monthly pay-as-you-go subscription. We estimate that RoRotel saves you 60% as compared to the traditional phone system over the two years.


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