Cloud PBX Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

Improve efficiency and reduce cost per call at the same time. Whether you want to set up a new modern telephone system or want to save money on your existing business phone system, RoRotel is made for you. 

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Lower cost per user

Cloud-based PBX solutions are more affordable than on-premise phone systems; you can save up to 60% cost straight away. Our pricing plans give your flexibility to add users and provide the customizable features that you need the most.


Reduce your telephony rates

Unlike most business telephony services, we provide phone numbers without charging hefty markup charges. When choosing RoRotel, you’ll be able to avoid markups and get the most competitive VOIP service rates anywhere in the world.


Avoid setup fees, long term contracts and hidden charges

Many PBX services providers, you might not know about their hidden setup cost, hidden charges for some features until you are locked into long term contracts. At RoRotel, you can expect no to minimum setup fee based on the configuration you need, no long term contracts— meaning you can reap benefits of a cloud-based PBX system entirely risk-free.

One platform does it all

Easy-to-use Cloud PBX

Setup your VOIP business telephone system anywhere; all you need is an internet connection. Quickly set up users, phone numbers, call routing, IVR, and many more from our user interface.

Affordable Pricing plans

Now you can set up your cloud-based PBX with simple pricing plans with add-ons that suit your business needs. Get affordable PBX with no to minimum setup fees and contracts. 

Dedicated Support

Get access to our in-house team of telecommunication experts 24X7. They are dedicated and focused on resolving your business needs. We believe in providing best-in-class support services and answer the calls in less than 90 secs.

Popular features with Cloud PBX system

Flexible phone options

Be it a desk phone, a softphone on your mobile app, we got you covered. RoRotel keeps your connection with your customers and team to your office phone number no matter the device you want to use.

Automatic Call Routing

Connect your callers with the right person at the right time with automatic call routing. Also, route calls anywhere in the world based on your ruleset. 

Call Management

Improve your communications with virtual attendant options, and quality control features, in addition to the call routing rules. Now RoRotel’s call control features make it easy to manage your calls from anywhere. 

CRM Integration

Drive better performance and efficiency by integrating RoRotel cloud PBX with your CRM. Integrations include click-to-dial, customer screen pop-up, two-way data streaming, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use UK VOIP services with my current business phone system?

Yes, you can use a virtual phone number over the top of your current business phone system. You can choose to integrate RoRotel into your existing setup gradually.

How long does it take to set up my Cloud-hosted phone system in the UK?

You can set up your cloud-hosted PBX system within 24hours with RoRotel. Please place an order, or arrange a demo with our sales team. We will get your cloud PBX setup started in no time.

Do you customize VOIP phone or cloud PBX pricing packages as per our requirements?

Yes, unlike other cloud PBX service providers, we customize the plans and packages as per your business needs. To arrange a demo, our sales team will brief on our custom plans.

What are the hardware requirements to use your hosted PBX in the UK?

As this PBX system is entirely cloud-based, you do not require any hardware to get started. However, you must have a stable high-speed internet connection.


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