Efficient and Reliable Call Centre VoIP Solutions in the UK

Are you looking for a VoIP phone system for your call centre business? RoRotel’s cloud-based call centre solutions make sure that your call centre business runs securely, efficiently, and with reduced costs.

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The Benefits of integrating your Call Centre Business with VoIP Phone Systems


Stay competitive

VOIP systems are modern and built for 21st-century business; it provides flexibility and mobility that today’s businesses need while reducing your communication costs. These are essential factors for driving revenue, differentiating the brand, and improving customer satisfaction.


Eliminate costly overheads

RoRotel’s high-quality VoIP solutions will help you meet your call center needs, whether you are an enterprise or small business. With our VOIP system, you can eliminate the upfront investments, overhead costs, and efficiently manage resources to meet your business goals.


Analytics and Reporting

Business key performance indicators (KPIs) are the critical source of your information to determine your call center performance. You can view and analyze such crucial business data easily and quickly. All the reports of your call Centre operations are updated on the cloud in real-time to help you make informed business decisions.

RoRotel Offers Scalable VoIP Features For Call Centres

SIP Trunking

We deploy best-in-class SIP trunking, which is secure, reliable, and customized as per your business need. So your employees can make outbound calls to any location around the world. Get access to best-in-class features using our PBX or through your existing PBX.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

With custom IVR, customers can get quick answers to simple questions, and companies can identify the right agent to handle incoming calls. An intuitive, full-function IVR that can access data from multiple sources.

Enhance Customer Experience

Imagine serving customers without ever putting them on hold. With RoRotel’s call centre solutions, customers can request to talk to an agent using interactive voice response (IVR) or web callback. Call centre managers can decide which agent is best qualified to assist, and agents can then quickly initiate a call session.

Assured Quality Management

Workforce management, training, and turnover can slow even in the best run call centres. We help you retain your knowledge base, scale phone system as per your workforce needs and focus on your primary objectives – customer services and satisfaction.

Personal Agent Connect

Personal Agent Connect helps you build direct relationships with customers by swiftly and personally addressing customer issues. This feature enables your virtual contact centre to route customers to an agent directly via a unique agent phone number, routing customers to the agent who created a ticket.

Precise Call Centre Solutions for your Needs

Inbound Call Centre Solutions

No matter the volume of calls that you receive, with the advanced call distribution system and queue management features, you can quickly and efficiently manage them without missing any.

Outbound Call Centre Solutions

Our CRM integrated dialer you can get most out of your outbound calling and touch the maximum efficiency at the call centre with zero dialing hassle

Blended Call Centre Solutions

With RoRotel's call reporting features, you can optimize the flow of calls and connect them to the right destinations quickly with multi-level IVR and other smart call Centre features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the lost calls when phone lines are busy?

With RoRotel’s call centre solutions, customers can request to talk to an agent using interactive voice response (IVR) or web callback. Managers can then decide whom to assign the calls and agents respond to those calls when the lines are free again, hence a call is never left unattended.

How can your solutions help us manage all the incoming calls?

Our cloud phone solutions offers you smart features to distribute any number of incoming calls evenly throughout your call centre. origin-dependent routing, smart classification trough IVR, and a callback from the queue are the options you have.

Will we be able to keep our existing phone systems?

Our solutions can be customized as per your business need. The solution can be combined with traditional business telephone systems, softphones, or VoIP phones. The choice is yours.

What will happen if all our agents are already in a call?

Our modern phone system comes with queue management features. Customers, while waiting for the agent to answer the call, will hear music, or you can choose to make an informational or promotional announcement. Also, you can have them choose to wait or have an agent call them back.


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