Best VOIP Phone System for Your Business

Best VOIP Phone System

You would agree that voice communication is critical for any business no matter the size or types of services/products they offer. The employees need a secure and sophisticated way to communicate with customers, contact potential clients, collaborate with vendors and colleagues.

Having a dedicated modern phone system or PBX in your business provides a number of competitive advantages for your firm.

For most of us, the phone system is a technology we want to get installed and work as quickly as we can and forget about it. They must be functional, cost-effective, highly efficient, and reliable. Would you agree?

What makes the best business phone system?

Based on our conversation with a number of executives we have identified the following key factors in which they define a system as “Best”

  • Call Quality – It goes without saying, they need crystal clear audio with Zero crackling is something they need by default.
  • Support – Many executives don’t want the staff to waste time on-call while contacting vendors to fix issues. They need quick and proactive support.
  • Aesthetics – They want to make a modern appeal to visitors to the office. The look of the phone system should create a sense of modern, professional, and sophisticated appeal in the minds of their customers.
  • Price and Cost – Price has always been the biggest concern for business. Based on their call volume executives want simple, transparent, and pocket-friendly prices to keep their OPEX lower.
  • Advanced Feature – Given the choice executives need advance features included in their phone packages for free or included in their monthly/annual subscription. Most often, they need features like Call recording, Music on Hold, Voicemail-to-email, Call Monitoring, Reports, etc.
  • Flexibility – They need a phone system that is flexible with the pricing structures, they can scale up or down based on the firm’s needs and capabilities, without sacrificing anything in terms of quality or security.

RoRotel checks all these boxes and some more. RoRotel does what scientists have been trying to accomplish for centuries: open up time and space, but you don’t have to be Steven Hawking to switch to the RoRotel.

How do I set up a Small Business Phone System?

Gone are the day when you had worked for hours with clunky and wired phone systems. Today phone systems have evolved and are easy and fast to setup

  1. Choose the right phone system – as with any other phone system, do your research based on your business requirements. Take a demo and ask questions to get the best out of the system. We have covered this topic in-depth, refer to The Right Phone System for Your Business: How To Choose?
  2. Choose Phone number – Most providers like Rorotel will offer you the list of phone numbers to ensure that the lifeline of your business is easy to remember and type. Also if you already have a number for your business ask the provider to port your number.
  3. Add Extensions – Using extensions is an easy way to add users and get callers routed through IVR to the right person.
  4. Record your message – VOIP Phone system like RoRotel will provide you with a professional voice recording in the form of greetings, promotional messages, etc. that enhance the customer experience.
  5. Get connected – Most cloud-based VOIPs are easy to install, ask you, vendor, to configure the system as per your requirement, and then your phone system is up and running.


If you want to experience for yourself why RoRotel is considered as best phone system in the UK, we encourage you to book a meeting with our VOIP Experts.

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