Best Multiline Phone System for Small Business

All encounters with potential clients are worth their weight in gold for any organisation. To manage your trickle of inbound calls when you’re just starting out, you won’t need much in the way of infrastructure. When that trickle evolves into a torrent, though, you’ll discover that a single phone line isn’t enough.


That’s why, in order to expand while maintaining a high level of customer service, you’ll need a multi-line phone system. When contemplating a multi-line phone system, here are some things to keep in mind.


What Is a Multi-Line Phone System, and Why Do I Need One?

Instead of being limited to one phone call per line at a time, a multi-line phone system allows you to manage two or more calls at the same time. As a result, you may give out a single phone number as a point of contact and still manage calls at scale as a small firm. When it comes to unifying your brand and creating a single point of contact for new client engagements, this is a game-changer.


While many people think of multi-line phone systems as physical, on-premises systems, this isn’t always the case. Using a virtual multi-line phone system is frequently more advantageous. You can scale your number of phone lines up and down at will with a virtual, hosted VoIP solution like this. You won’t require any on-site space, and you won’t have to pay for installation.


Large and small organisations equally benefit from multi-line VoIP systems because they provide a flexible, scalable phone system that can be handled centrally. As long as they have the proper rights, any member of staff with an internet connection may update or alter the system.

What Are the Most Important Features in a Multi-Line Phone System?

Not all multi-line phone systems are created equal, and certain features are more valuable to small businesses than others. Here are some of the most important things to look for:



You want a system that works with any VoIP hardware, not one that is tied to a certain manufacturer. Companies that do impose such limits sometimes provide high-priced phones as part of the package, causing costs to soar. For expanding enterprises, being able to utilise your new service with your old gear is both cost-effective and easy.

Call Monitoring and IVR Call Menus

You want your phone system to include multi-level IVR call menus and call monitoring to provide your consumers a pleasant experience. The IVR encourages customers to get to the appropriate department on their own, and call monitoring allows supervisors to keep an eye on things. These features enable for a more efficient workforce as well as a better customer and client experience.

Voicemail to email

Gone are the days when you had to sit and listen to all of your voicemails in order to find out what was on each one. Your voicemails may be automatically transcribed and sent to one or more email addresses with the top VoIP phone systems. This improves the speed with which stakeholders can sort through communications and take the appropriate actions.

Integrations with CRM

To improve their performance, your multi-line phone system should interface with CRM solutions. This gives you greater control over how your sales leads grow and the history of your client connections. Businesses will be able to make data-driven decisions as a result of this.

Multi-Line Phone Service from RoRotel

The platform provided by RoRotel is the greatest multi-line phone solution for small enterprises. Over the years, we’ve worked relentlessly to adapt our platform to the contemporary business scene. All of our services are intended to help you get more out of your conversations by increasing efficiency and enhancing caller satisfaction.


Our solution is hardware neutral, feature-rich, and cloud-hosted, so there are no space or installation charges. We provide everything your company requires to take its communications to the next level. When you combine it with our five-star rated after-sales service, you have one of the best multi-line phone systems for small businesses.

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