6 Steps to Get a Modern VOIP Phone System for Your Business

VoIP Phone Systems for Business

Whether you are just about to begin your business or have already established one looking for a work-from-home solution,  some way or the other, you are going to feel a need to set up a permanent phone system. Initially, having a regular SIM card inserted in any other smartphone, or having a landline would seem a sufficient option. 

However, this may turn into havoc if your business consistently grows, and your communication system is not in place. This would not just create issues for you but can also increase upfront costs. 

This is one of the major reasons why choosing virtual phone systems could be essential for you. Neither would you have to sign any contracts or install numerous equipment to use this service. All you would need is the internet and a phone system. 

In this post, let’s talk about the 6-steps plan to install the perfect cloud business phone system

Step 1: Select a phone system:

While selecting a phone system for your business, there are a variety of factors that you must assess at any cost. The major one is to ensure that the entire system doesn’t run over your budget but turns out to be quite affordable for you. 

For that, create a budget beforehand and stick to it while choosing anything. Also, make sure that the company offers a feature to upgrade the plan whenever required. And then, customization is another aspect to look into as you’d want the phone system to work according to your business needs. 

Since it’s going to be on the cloud, ensure that it is reliable and has an uptime record of not less than 99.98%.

Step 2: Add a phone number:

The next step is to choose a telephone number for the Business. If you are serving clients locally or only within the city then choosing a local number like 01/02 would be appropriate. National businesses get multiple options to choose from depending on Incoming and outgoing call volume. 0800/0808- Toll-free numbers, 0300- Local-rate Numbers, and 0845 numbers are some of the number options for national businesses. However, you can even go with an international number if your business is going to spread across the world. Also, cross-check whether the company allows you to add multiple phone numbers at once.

Step 3: Install the voip handset or voip desktop from the service provider:

Ordering a handset as per requirement (Desk phone or Cordless) or Installing a VoIP App from the service provider is the next step in the process. This app helps to manage all of your business calls much conveniently and effortlessly. Apart from that, having this app, a click away can help you check call history and assess calls on different levels.

Step 4: Upload or record the way you’ll greet your callers:

Most of the cloud business phone system service providers enable you to customize the welcome and announcement messages. Either you can record them through your online account or upload the pre-recorded files to the site. 

Moreover, you can even upload on-hold music, so your customers have something to hear when you put the call on hold. Usually, service providers can offer you this service. Check with them and continue.

Step 5: Configure settings accordingly:

Moving forward, you would have to configure the settings according to your needs and requirements. You can begin by adding your team members and creating individual accounts for each of them. 

You can also create extensions for the team and departments. And then, customize conference calls, call forward, ring groups, and other such essential features.

Step 6: Begin receiving and making calls:

Now that you have set up your cloud business phone system, begin receiving and making calls through it. Enable your customers and callers to relish this delightful experience. With call reporting functionality, analyze call data like never before. And continue enhancing your services for better experiences.

Wrapping up:

Neither you’d need a technician, nor you’d have to go through the manual again and again, simply follow these above-mentioned steps and set up your phone system right away. 

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