4 Ways to Optimize Employee Communication During COVID-19 Pandemic

Employee Collaboration with VoIP Systems.

While the beginning of 2020 saw people partying their guts out, none of us would have realized that the upcoming months are going to bestow us with a never-ending lockdown and a petrifying pandemic.

Sure, the commencement of COVID-19 has restricted people inside their houses, took even the healthiest ones down, and integrated unnecessary fear; it’s the working force that suffered a substantial blow.

However, fortunately, several industries and companies quickened their paces to adopt Work from Home (WFH) culture better than others. In fact, the number of people working from home has increased by 44%  in the last 5 years.

And, considering the time of social distancing, this number is going to grow significantly. Although nobody seems to have an idea for how long this pandemic will last, numerous arrangements and alterations are being made to enhance productivity and acquire targets even when the world is tumbling upside down.

Having said that, here are 4 different ways that can help significantly when it comes to optimizing employee communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep the team equipped & ready

One of the most important methods that help teams succeed when working remotely is to get them equipped with connectivity and productivity tools.

Manage tasks and projects seamlessly to the Voice Over IP (VoIP) connectivity. Make sure that your team has access to every required software that can make their communication better and effectively.

Moreover, equipping the team with these latest technologies will enable you to stay on the same page, irrespective of the place where the employees are working from.

The commitment of one to one

Another effective method to optimize employee communication is to schedule periodic one-on-ones with employees directly. Generally, the objective of such meetings is to check upon current projects and to ensure that everything is heading in the right direction.

When almost everybody associated with the firm is working from home, these meetings become even more essential than any other normal day, in a world without any pandemic. And then, these one-on-one sessions can be executed using VoIP technology; thus, ensuring everything that is communicated remains confidential.

Use of advanced communication technology

Advanced Communication Technology
Advanced Communication Technology

In case your company’s internal communication is still subjected to emails and phone calls, now is the perfect time to adopt a newer form of technology. Today, it has become more than necessary to upgrade the existing monitoring and communication suite with VoIP.

However, if you are choosing this method, make sure that you are allocating the bandwidth wisely. Basically, experts recommend that companies should use either two different LANs for data and voice or keep the traffic virtually distinguished through VLAN.

Furthermore, you can even use a network analysis tool to discover and eradicate congestion points existing anywhere on the network.

Establish the engagement rules

Remote work can turn more efficient and satisfying when there are set expectations for frequency, ideal communication time, and means to fulfill those expectations. For instance, videoconferencing for regular meetings and using voice calls on the internet when there is something urgent can be quite beneficial in terms of checking up on the team.

Considering that some people may require more time to get used to such communication tactics, it’s better that you set the environment normal and friendly for an in-person meeting.

Wrapping Up

While the world is changing drastically, expecting to sit in a cubicle and work like those “extinct” days seems nothing more than a dream. Thus, it is better to accept good and welcoming changes. After all, this way, you get to learn so much more than before.

And, as far as effective communication is concerned, implement VoIP technology for a continuous and non-disruptive ride through daily work calls, whether voice or video.

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